Monday, September 15, 2008

Warhammer Server Rules

Server Rulesets

Core Ruleset

Core servers are just what you’d expect. These are servers that have everything Warhammer has to offer, with no special changes to the normal ruleset. RvR is confined to lakes and Scenarios, and there are two opposing realms engaged in the WAR. Players may only engage in Player vs. Player combat when flagged to do so in specific areas around the world. Select a Core ruleset server for the original exciting gameplay experience that WAR was designed to offer.

Open RvR Ruleset

The Open RvR servers feature RvR flagging everywhere except for the Tier 1 Chapter area and the surrounding PvE content. Once players leave this area, they will be flagged for RvR anywhere in the game. Open RvR servers are perfect for those who want to add an extra challenge to their gaming experience. Players must constantly watch their backs or risk attack by enemies everywhere they go! Only members of opposing realms may attack each other; the Open RvR server still focuses on Order versus Destruction.


  • Players are always RvR flagged from the moment they log in
  • Chapter 1 hubs and capital cities are safe
  • There is no bolster buff in RvR lakes
  • Players will be chickened when entering an area that is two tiers below their level (ex. A Tier 3 player entering a Tier 1 area.)

Roleplay and Roleplay/Open RvR

Any server flagged as Roleplay will follow the same rules as above, but with an additional set of guidelines. These servers are for those players who enjoy truly immersing themselves into the Warhammer lore by acting as their characters’ personalities in-game. Players who opt to participate on a Role Playing server must agree to far more specific rules regarding naming, and it is suggested that players would adhere to WAR or high fantasy conduct and behavior.

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