Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warcamp Maps released these great maps of all War Camps in each starting zone, so if you're looking for a way to travel to another zone you now have exact routes.

Nordland War Camp Map

The Nordland War Camp is the shortest hike almost due North from the starting area. When you hit the Grey Lady, head up the Northeast road until you see the cutout on your right. You'll have to walk through another encampment to get to the camp, but the dwarf is hard to miss. Look for the big white landing pad area and his little kiosk.

Blighted Isle High Elf Map

The Blighted Isle is a long walk to the south of the High Elf starting area. Follow the path down through Chapter 2, trying to avoid the Cold Ones in the woods. Once you're past that area the road down to the beach should be clear of opponents. You'll know you're almost there when you see the roadsign pointing in two different positions near the southern end of the landmass. The flight master is right next to the elven ship on the bay.

Ekrund War Camp Map

The dwarves don't have the longest run to the first war camp, but it is the most perilous. Head out of the hold and into the open air by hooking around to the right from the starting area. Cross the bridge (avoiding the gobbos and orcs as best you can) and go past the Public Quest fortress on your right. You'll pass through a tunnel, and then go past a brewery on your right. Once you're past the brewery, you're going to be walking on a set of rails and right into the middle of another Public Quest. Do your best to avoid the goblins here, they'll eat you alive at level 1. Once past the derailed train cars head up the short incline into the camp. The flight master is a sharp left and up the hill.

Norsca Frustration Run

The first Chaos war camp is an entire zone away from the swirling maelstrom of the starting area. Chaos followers should follow the road around the hill right in front of the portal, and then straight south. There's a big sweep around to the right before it finally goes south into the zone of Nordland.

Mount Bloodhorn War Map

The Greenskins match the Dwarves in a perilous journey to their first war camp. Just as with the Dwarven jaunt, there are a few monsters and even a Public Quest you'll run right into along the trail. Follow the main path North straight West from the starting area, and then swing to the Northwest as the path does. When it moves into the foothills at that point you're going to want to keep watch for the PQ in motion there. Unless participating players are keeping the human thugs there to a minimum you could run into trouble. Just keep running (use your flee skill if you have to) and you should get past it. The war camp is up and around to the Northeast, following the path. It's right around 8538, 21646.

Blighted Isle Dark Elf Map

As with the High Elves, the Dark Elf war camp is quite a ways to the south of the starting area, but nowhere near the jaunt that Chaos players have to take. In fact, Dark Elves have probably the easiest trip of any race. Just follow the main road all the way to the south, to right before it intersects the first RvR zone. If you follow the road, you shouldn't run into any PQs or monsters on the path. The camp itself is right around27488, 56548.

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