Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How To Fix d3dx9_34.dll Error

It seems many players have this error when trying to run Warhammer Online. It can be easily solved simply by reinstalling DirectX 9.0c, but there's an even better way.

You can simply go to this site and download the missing d3dx9_34.dll file (1,53 MB), unzip it to "\windows\system" folder and the game should run without any problems.

I hope it helps!

How to fix d3dx9_34.dll error - Warhammer tips


Anonymous said...

system32 not system.....omg noob

Anonymous said...

What do u meen?

Anonymous said...

OMG thanks so much, about 300 sites tell me to download the file (i worked that much out for myslef) but only yours told me where to put it.

David said...

Sweet - fixed it for me. I am running Vista with DX10 so thought I was never going to solve this. Worked fine once I put it in system (not system32)