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Tactics and Morale Abilities Explained


You gain your first tactic slot at Rank 11 and as you progress, you gain up to seven total. You gain a career tactic slot every ten ranks (four total). You also unlock two renown tactic slots and one tome tactic. Now to differentiate between the three, think of them like this. Career tactics enhance you normal abilities giving them bonus potency, range, hit chance, cooldown reduction and/or additional benefits. Renown tactics enhance your RvR experience, which from what we’ve seen, enhances the damage to certain racial types, gain additional experience and aid you in city sieging. Finally, Tome tactics, which gives you bonuses to your PVE gameplay, mainly additional damage to different NPC types.

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Morale abilities

When you enter combat you start gaining morale. You can see your progress on the morale meter on your UI. The meter is broken into quarters and at each quarter a new rank is opened to be used. When you are out of combat your meter slowly depletes. From the rest of this article we’re going to use the Warrior Priest as an example to show the power of morale abilities.

You gain your first Morale ability at Rank 8, for a Warrior Priest it’s Divine Favor. As you can see it is a substantial single target, instant cast heal (Don’t confuse the numbers from WARDB. Those numbers are based off a Rank 40 player. As you level up in the game your abilities level up with you and their tooltips change. So the Rank 40 in the Divine Favor tooltip is telling you what the ability heals for at Rank 40). During the preview weekend, I found that I had to wait for the cooldown to reset to use this ability, that’s how fast I was gaining morale in scenarios.

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