Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Warhammer Preorder FAQ

Warhammer Online and Mythic have put together an FAQ regarding the Age of Reckoning pre-order.

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning pre-order offers.

I live in Canada how can I pre-order?

You can pre-order your copy of WAR from FutureShop, EB Games Canada, the EA Store and other fine game retailers.

Where are my codes when I pre-order online?

Each retailer may do it differently, we have no control over the distribution of their codes to pre-order customers. However, you will generally receive a separate email specifically containing your codes (in some cases I've seen it take a few days). Please do not contact EA Mythic Customer Support concerning this - you must contact your retailer as we will be unable to assist you further.

What is the difference between Closed Beta and Open Beta?

The Closed Beta Test is an invite-only program protected by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in which a select portion of the community is chosen to test the beta version of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and offer feedback directly to the development team via in-game tools and private message boards. During our Open Beta, we open testing up to a much larger audience. However, unlike many traditional "Open Betas," WAR will only be available to a limited number of players (including pre-order customers). Stay tuned for more details concerning the WAR Open Beta and ways in which you can get in.

Do I need my CE Product Key the day the game launches?

While we encourage you to get your WAR product key as soon as possible, we will provide a reasonable grace period for players to get a hold of their copies and have uninterrupted service following the Live Game Head Start.

What if I already pre-ordered?

Prior to March 26, 2008 no pre-order programs have been supported by EA Mythic. Please check with your retailers for full details. Current pre-order offers are only valid with the Collectors Edition.

If you wish to preorder Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, you can do so on Amazon.com.

Warhammer Preorder FAQ - Wowhammer.net

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