Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warhammer Basic Slash Commands

Here are some basic slash commands in Warhammer you can type and explanations about what they do.


/chan joins your realm's (Order or Destruction) general chat channel
/chancreate creates custom channel
/ sends a message to the designated channel
/s sends a message to the say channel
/t sends a private message
/p sends a message to your party members
/g sends a message to guild chat
/as sends a message to alliance chat
/wb sends a message Warband
/aos chats in the alliance officer chat
/as chats in the alliance's main chat
/sc chats in scenario chat


/friend adds the named player to your friends list
/assist allows you to target another player's target
/follow allows you to follow the targeted player
/bug submits an ingame bug report
/respec this command resets every trained ability, tactic, and morale as if you were level one and had never talked to a trainer before; note, it might not work after release
/stuck if you get stuck this will teleport you to a nearest respawn location
/help brings up a help file
/aid is like assist only for a defensive target


/invite invite a player to group
/warbandconvert 1 (open) /warbandconvert 0 (private) to convert a group to a warband
/w - /wb for warband chat
/warband move <#> - /warbandmove <#>
/warband swap - /warbandswap
/warband promote - /warbandpromote
/warband demote - /warbanddemote
/warband makeleader - /warbandmakeleader
/join (allows entry to PW protected WB)
/warbandpassword (cancels PW)
/disband or /leave


/special - each race/class does something odd
/pick teeth
/no beard
/chase tail
/em allows a custom message to be sent as emote

Useful bindings:
R - reply to the last person who send you a message
- (on numeric keypad) - screenshot
Shift + "-" - high-resolution screenshot
TAB key - cycle between nearby enemies
Ctrl + TAB - cycle between nearby friendly targets
N - target nearest enemy

Warhammer Online Basic Slash Commands - Warhammer News

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